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Mr president,ladies and gentlemen,
Good afternoon.
Before I introduce our culture programs,let me tell you one thing about 2008.You are going to have a great time in Beijing.Many people are fasinated by China’s sport legend and history.For example,back to Song dynasty which was the 11th centry ,people in our country started to play a game called CuJu which was regarded ao the origin of antient football.The game was so popular that women were also particpating,so now you would probably undersand why our women’s football team does so well today.

There were a lot more wonderful and exciting events waiting for you in the new Beijing,a mordern metropolis with 3000 years of culture treasures woven into the urban tapestry.Along with the iconic imagery of the Forbidden City,the temple of heaven,the Great Wall,the city also offers an endless mixture of theaters,museums,discos,all kind of resturants and shopping malls which will amaze you and delight you.But beyond of that,this is a city of millions of friendly people who love to meet the people from all around the world.They believe if 2008 Olympics is held in Beijing it will enhance the harmany between our culture and diverse cultures of the world,and to guarantee their gratitude will pour out in open expessions of affection for you and the great movement that you guide.

Within our cultural programs education and communication will recive the highest priority.We seek to create the intellectural and a sporting legacy by broadening the understanding of the Olympic ideals throughout the country,cultural events will unfold each year from 2005 to 2008.we will stage muti dicipline cultural pragrams including concerts,exhibitions,art competions and camp which will involve young people from around the world. During the Olympics these activities will also be held in the Olympic village and in the city ffor the benifit of the atheletes.Our ceremonies will give China’s greatest and world’s greatest artists a chance to celebrate the common aspiration of humanity and the unique heritage of Chinese culture and that of the Olympic movements.

With the concept inspired by the famous Silk Road,our torch relay will break new ground,travelling from Olympia through some of oldest civilizations known to man,Greek,Roman,Egyptian,Byzantine,Mesopotamian,Persian,Arabian,Indian and Chinese.Carrying the message “Share the X,Share the Olympics”,the eternal flame will reach new height as it crosses the Himalayas over the world’s hightest summit Mount Qomolangma which is known to many of you as Mt.Everest.In China,the torch will pass through Tibet,cross Yangzi and Yellow Rivers,travel the Great Wall and visit HongKong,Macao,Taiwan and the 56 ethnic communities who make up our society.On its journey,the flame will be seen by and inpire human beings than any previous relay.

I’m afraid I cannot give you the full picture of our cultural programs within such a short period of time.Before I end,let me share with you one story.Seven hundred years ago,amazed by his incredible description of a faraway land of great beauty,poople ask Marco Polo whether his stories about China were ture.And Marco answered,what I have told you was not even half of what I saw.Actually,we have show you here today is only a friction of Beijing that awaits you.
Ladies and gentlemen,I believe Beijing will prove to be a land of wonders to all of you,to athletes,spectators,and a worldwide televison audience alike.
Come and join us.
Thank you,Mr president.Thank you all.




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